Smart Track Key Cabinet

Factory Reset

If you’d like to erase all users (not including the original Admin User), key names, and transaction data from the Smart Track Key Cabinet itself, you can perform a Factory Reset from the Settings Menu.


WARNING:The data erased by a Factory Reset is NOT RECOVERABLE. To save settings prior to a Factory Reset, Administrators can create a Back-up file and then restore from this file. Please see Back-Up Settings and Restore Settings for detailed instructions.

1. Open the app.
2. Tap on the name of your Smart Track.
3. Enter your PIN.
4. Open the door and REMOVE ALL SMARTFOBS from the cabinet. This step MUST be performed before a Factory Reset.
5. Tap on SETTINGS.
6. Tap on Factory Reset.
7. Contact Key Systems Tech Support to obtain verification code for Factory Reset. You will need to give your serial number to obtain the verification code.
8. Enter code and confirm your selection. The process can take up to five minutes to complete. It’s best to close the app, wait 5 minutes, then open the app to connect.
9. Connect to the Smart Track Key Cabinet, log in with the default Root Admin PIN (5555) and RETURN ALL SMARTFOBS in order. SmartFobs MUST be replaced in correct numerical order after a Factory Reset.